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Yoni Gazing

Yoni gazing is an ancient tantric ritual.

The yoni is where all life births from. Yoni gazing is a sacred pilgrimage into the depths of the Divine and can be a deeply transformative experience for both women and men.

Many women have fears about their Yoni and have never fully explored or looked at her in an endearing, conscious, and beautiful way because they are self conscious about the way she looks.

There are multiple different types, colors, shapes, and sizes of Yoni’s. Each one is so precious, unique, and beautiful. It is such a gift to meditate with her in pure admiration and connect with her in an entirely new way.

Yoni gazing can be a deeply healing experience and can connect you to the pure innocence and beauty of this space. It can also bring about a huge release of old insecurities and negative s3xual experiences.

When we connect to her with deep reverence and gratitude, it builds a more loving and beautiful relationship with this sacred part of our bodies.

This practice is an intimate journey for healing shame and opening to deeper self love.

Being with the Yoni in pure presence and love & softening any judgements allows you to meet her in purity and softness without any agenda of needing something to happen, which is very different from the patriarchal conditioning of what they have taught us to believe this place is for. You get to truly take your time, go slow, be present & the goal is to gaze into her, not touch her, so orgasm is NOT part of it unless that naturally arises from the gazing.

I recommend all women to do this practice alone at first and then to open up this ritual to your man or lover.

When the man does yoni gazing he sits directly in front of the woman with her legs open and follows the same steps as below👇

You start by creating sacred space. You can use sage or incense or light candles. Make sure you have a beautiful and comfortable place to be so you can fully surrender and relax. The lights need to be on so you can see her fully. You want to gaze into her for at least 20 min🌸

1. Begin by placing your hand on your heart and take 3 deep breaths (Invitation to sigh.. Sound is always a plus)

2. Then place your hands on your yoni and take 3 more deep breaths

3. Now spread your legs and come up close to the mirror or use your hand mirror

4. Flow the love from your heart to your eyes and then gaze into your yoni portal

5. Gaze at her with intense love

6. Allow yourself to be drawn into the mysteries of the feminine essence

7. Bask in her feminine beauty

8. Really get to know her and all of her subtitles. Dive into her and see her in a whole new way.

9. Gaze into her like you would look at your beloved who you are madly and passionately in love with. WORSHIP YOUR YONI WITH THE DEEPEST DEVOTION POSSIBLE.

10. As you witness, notice the thoughts that move through your mind & the feelings and sensations that move through your body

11. Take your time with the experience, don't rush it

12. Once you feel complete, place your hands over your yoni and repeat the mantra “I love you, I honor you, I respect you, I listen to you, You are beautiful, I am sorry for ever betraying you, I bow in the deepest reverence to your sacredness, I love you.”

13. Come into a relaxed position and be present with whatever feelings arise from doing this exercise.

Artist credit Christian Montgomery Doula

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