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Yoni Wands

One of my favorite things to do right when I wake up in the morning is place my hands on my womb and listen. The liminal space between sleep and returning to this realm is truly a sacred time to connect y(in). I breathe and ask her how she is doing and what my morning practice wants to look like… And recently every morning I have been guided to use my rose quartz yoni crystal wand and wow, it has been total magick. For years I always used the yoni egg as it is what started my healing journey with s3xuality and I have shared many times that it was one of the main tools to help me when my yoni felt numb, shut down and there were so many layers of pain. The eggs are great if you are just getting started on this path. Now I am completely obsessed with the crystal wands. They are truly next level! The wands are my absolute new favorite way to explore. They de-armor all the pain inside and get into places that the Yoni eggs or fingers simply can’t. They ignite so much pleasure with the extra essence of the crystals! Each crystal has a different frequency depending on what you are wanting to focus on.. Rose quartz = unconditional love, obsidian = pulls trauma out. A couple of weeks ago during my practice I could feel a physical block at the entrance of my yoni so before I entered the wand I paused and went so slow and held the wand there and breathed into it.. tears started streaming down my face and I had a huge emotional release. Then all of a sudden the block cleared and the wand continued to glide inside and I could tangibly feel the ball of pain dissolve. Even after years of doing these practices there are still so many layers to unravel that is why it is vital for me to stay consistent with it or I can fall into depression, experience physical pain in my yoni, be blocked in my creativity or stay in the loop of old patterns and conditioning around s3xaulity. It is so important for our Yoni’s to receive touch frequently & not all of us are in relationships to receive this intimate touch and even if we are we don’t often receive the nourishing and healing touch that our sacred Yoni temples require. Honestly, if you experience pain in your yoni or have fears of intimacy you need this. These tools are true alchemy! It is one of the safest ways for many women to connect to their body because it is just you and the wand, you are completely in control and can go as slow as you need to! Or you can explore doing yoni massage with your beloved if you are in a relationship. Just by choosing to say yes to the wand (or egg) you are saying yes to yourself and committing to deeper healing! If you are interested in purchasing a yoni crystal check out my website.. I carry the highest quality yoni eggs and wands with a selection of jade, rose quartz, obsidian and quartz as well as a few different styles to choose from.

My deepest prayer is for all of us to come back into right relationship with our s3xaulity and be able to experience the innate ecstasy and pleasure that is our birth right as I truly feel this is the healing balm that our world needs more than anything. Sending you all so much love, XO Anaia

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