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Your womb is a messenger

Your womb is a messenger

An oracle of these times

Can you hear what she is saying?

Or have you been turning your eyes.

It is time,

For all wombs to be free

To remember our power and sovereignty

To return to our primordial freedom

& innate erotic innocence and s*xuality.

It is time,

To revoke any past contracts that do not serve love

Any false cords or agreements that misuse the power of the womb

And most importantly, misuse the energy of Gaia.

It is time,

To reconnect to the true womb grid of creation

To open our hearts to the temple of remembrance

Returning to the gnosis within

& only serving true love

Again & again

Join us in the Womb temple for the 9th Womb Clearing Online Ceremony. Almost 300 women have participated so far & I have a feeling this New Moon in Aries is going to be a very potent one with everything that is going on!

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