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Rose Heart Awakening

Our breasts are our love center and an extension of our heart energy.

They sit on either side of our heart chakra and their nature is naturally sensual and orgasmic.

The breasts are one of the most ignored places on a woman’s body.

When we are not in touch with our breasts, we are not connected to our heart.

It is so important to connect to our heart space. So many of us have walls and blocks around our hearts from suppressed emotions and fear. The more you tune into this precious and sacred place on your body, the more you begin to de-armor your heart and begin to feel her juiciness again.

When the heart is blocked, so is the yoni. You can’t truly enjoy your sensual and ecstatic energy without having an open heart.

It is vital for women to have their breasts stimulated before diving deeper into physical intimacy whether you are self-pleasuring or with a partner.

When the breasts are massaged, the heart opens and there is a direct link from the heart to the yoni & when the heart opens the yoni juices start to flow. If the heart doesn’t open that is a sign to not go further and to be present with whatever emotions are arising.

I use to feel completely numb in my breasts and didn’t understand why they were considered an erotic zone. That was because my heart was shut down from trauma which closed off the sensations there.

After diving into practices to open my heart as well as breast massage for the last few years, my breasts have come to life and I feel turned on literally just by thinking about them being touched.

Now they are one of my absolute favorite spots on my body and I want all women to experience the orgasmic bliss that is possible when we begin to reform a loving connection with our breasts.

This is why breast massage is so important!

Doing a daily ritual to massage the breasts eases you into expanding into your ecstatic sensual nature and erotic innocence.

Breast massage is one the most simple and effective practices to do to begin to connect you deeper to your body, your erotic innocence, and to love your Self more.

Yes, breast massage definitely helps with Self love! (OPEN Heart Connection = More Self LOVE)

It also helps:
Reduce PMS symptoms
Harmonizes hormones

Activates Orgasmic Breasts
Body love and appreciation
Opens the heart
Increases sexual drive
Moves the blood and the lymph
Cleanses repressed emotions
Be more round and firm
Prevents formation of bumps, therefore prevents cancer.
Releases toxins out of your body

You may feel uncomfortable at first with touching your own breasts, but believe me it doesn’t take long for women to get into it and absolutely love this practice.

The more that you practice breast massage, the more your breasts become sensitive and awaken to the Aphrodite orgasmic magick that lives within the tantra of the heart space.

Why Use Rose Oil?

"The Egyptians ascribed rose oil as the 'Heart of Isis' a Neter who was considered loving and maternal as the embodiment of ‘The Divine Feminine.’ The Egyptians also believe that glandular health is promoted by clearing and balancing their associated chakras. In the case of the heart chakra, this would be the all-important thymus gland.

While the thymus gland serves a vital role in hormone production amid the endocrine system, it's most closely associated with the proper functioning of the immune system as it is responsible for training vital white blood cells. Located directly behind the sternum, it’s association with the vitality and clarity of the heart . chakra is obvious. When blocked or immobile, the heart chakra impedes thymus communications to the rest of the body and can leave one open to an array of emotional, physical problems. Fortunately, using rose oil strategically can help heal the heart chakra and keep the thymus gland engaged with the body’s immune system—the key to health!

Through decades of studies, science has shown that rose essential oils in their purest form can have profound psychological effects including relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Individuals suffering from anxiety, PTSD or any other type of trauma in the present or past may feel isolated and lack trust and confidence due to heart chakra blockages. However, Rose essential oil can help break the cycle of isolation and heartbreak by opening the heart up to hope, joy and receptivity to new experiences.

Connecting and clearing the heart chakra as it relates to the story of Isis allows one to place an emphasis loving actions and responses into our daily interactions and become more aware of our Higher Self and the inner divine. Rose essential oil allows us to be more giving and receiving of unconditional love and can provide comfort to those in times of despair or who are suffering from woes of the heart. Aromatherapy uses can provide a sense of security by balancing the heart chakra, so we feel protected yet openhearted in all aspects of life. Opening the heart chakra with rose oil, companion stones, and meaningful intentions can literally change one’s spiritual existence as it helps activate the higher auric fields."


Health Benefits of Rose

Boost Immunity and Fight Infections: The thymus serves a vital role in the production and functioning of T cells, which is an extremely important white blood cell for survival. Because rose oil has strong antiviral and antibacterial qualities, it can be used to shield cells from certain types of infections by promoting healthy white blood cell production. Over time, rose oil can help ‘train’ the immune system to resist certain bacteria, including many associated with influenza.

Libido Enhancement: Beyond the sensual appeal of the scent itself, rose oil has been shown to help enhance one’s libido by balancing sex hormones to promote healthy sexual function—both physically and emotionally.

Detoxification, Blood Purification & Circulation: Rose oil is known to promote blood circulation and induce drainage of lymphatic fluids through stimulation of the glands. This allows the body to naturally detox and purify itself from blood to external skin cells.

Cardiovascular Benefits: Because of its purification and circulatory effects, rose oil is widely accepted as beneficial for heart health overall. With cardiovascular disease ranking as a leading killer along with stress, using rose oil is an easy tool for prevention.

Womanly Concerns: Staying in touch with its relationship as a femininely divine aroma, rose oil offers women a few special perks upon the arrival of moon days, relieving cramps, irritability and mood swings. Rose oil promotes the secretion of hormones associated with menstrual cycles and is also used to relieve morning sickness and post-menopausal symptoms.

Skin Health: Rose oil is widely known for its hydrating and moisturizing qualities, which is why it's commonly used in countless cosmetics and health and hygiene products. It is employed and used as an astringent that offers skin toning and firming. Rose oil promotes elasticity to prevent wrinkles and can help reduce the appearance and formation of scarring. Those with skin conditions such as acne or eczema can often get relief with topical dilutions of rose oil solutions.

Alleviating Pain & Stressed Muscles: Dilutions of rose oil in a penetrated carrier can be used to create blends that alleviate muscle pain, stiffness and even assist with relieving migraines. Because pure oils absorb within minutes, relief can come quickly.

7 Day Breast Massage Immersion

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