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The Body is in an unbroken relationship to the Elements.

The Deep Womb

Together we will explore the core teachings of The Deep Womb.

These practices are based on our intimate connection to the Earth, the Elements, the Womb, the Somatic Body, the Nervous System & the Subtle Realms.

The main pillars of The Deep Womb are Embodiment, Sound, Breath, and Movement.

Through working with The Deep Womb you will learn how to re-connect to your body in a gentle, slow & loving way. The feminine is the guide and she is in no rush.  As the feminine descends deeper and deeper into the body it is very important to allow space for things to integrate and digest. This will allow a new embodied understanding to root in & a descending of gnosis to come online in a more grounded & sustainable way.

These teachings main focus is to guide one into understanding how to self source and self regulate. 

You will learn..

  • How to access the liminal space of creation to birth your service into the world. 

  • How to be deeply attuned to your body temple.

  • How to listen and go at the pace of your most fragile self.

  • & how to drop down into The Gaia Level of Awareness & attune to the rhythm of your soul.

These practices are ancient and come from the Earth.

They already live inside of you,

Are you ready to remember?

Image by Tobias Freeman

Nervous System Regulation Session

Each session is unique, intuitive, and guided by listening to the moment and what is arising.

We will attune & ground together.


We will drop down into your body to explore what is happening inside.

You will be guided to explore the sensations, vibrations and experience within.

You will be supported in exploring past trauma's in a safe and slow way.

You will learn easy and sustainable tools to co-regulate your nervous system when you experience stress, anxiety, or hyper arousal.


Attunement Therapy

Attunement Therapy not only provides the opportunity for safe, neutral, non-s3xual touch; it is so effective that it can deeply re-organize the nervous system, so that clients walk away with a heightened sense of self and the stronger drive to seek more healthy physical connection with other people.

During an Attunement Therapy session, the client reclines beside the body of the practitioner with their head rested on their chest so they can hear the practitioner’s heartbeat. The nature of Attunement Therapy, along with it’s unique consent protocols, allow the client’s entire nervous system to access very deep states of relaxation where their body can enter into a natural and automatic ‘reset’ function. The key to Attunement Therapy’s success is the fact that most of us need another person to regulate, process and manage our most difficult emotions. This is called external regulation. The most simple way to achieve external regulation is through touch.

Attunement Therapy works directly on the autonomic nervous system and the parts of our mind we call the ‘unconscious’. The unconscious mind is 95% of how we think and feel, so this modality helps reduce fear, trauma, stress and anxiety in our life. Its influence on the nervous system has a hormonal effect which leads to enhanced digestion, immunity, sexual function, longevity and over all physical wellness.

For any questions or to book a session please click below:

The Subtle Realms are the Voice of the Soul

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