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Beloved Sisters,


I am so excited to share with you a creation that has been brewing deep in the depths of my womb for some time.

Up until the last couple of years my life consisted of severe depression, C-PTSD, anxiety, extreme fatigue, consistent illness, PMDD, PCOS, anger, grief, confusion and suicidal ideation.


And those that know me, know how much I struggled, how much pain I was in and how hard it was (Immense thanks to to all of you who stayed by my side and loved me, you know who you are)


I have gone to the depths of hell and back.


I have been re-born over and over again.


I am no stranger to the underworld..


& now I am at a place of gratitude and reverence for everything I have experienced


I finally understand why I had to go through all that I did…


Because this is now the embodied medicine I get to share with each of you


To be a midwife to the feminine coming back home to herself


To feel the pulse of creation and eros moving through her veins


To witness the walls dissolve and her heart crack open to love


To remember the holiness of her body.


This offering allows you to see the exquisite dance of pleasure and pain


It teaches us how to embrace the full spectrum of life in the most precious way


The feminine has been told to keep parts of her self hidden, to not share her voice and to pretend everything is okay.


We have forgotten the true feminine, the deep feminine that lives within us all (no matter what gender)


The Womb Mystery School is dedicated to bringing the Embodied Feminine back.


To balancing the masculine and feminine within,.


To resurrecting the temples of our hearts that were destroyed and buried away.


The wisdom of the Goddess can never be forgotten


It is impossible


For it has been written in the scrolls of the marrow of our bones


Infused in our DNA


& SHE is ready to AWAKEN.



I am so excited to announce my next online offering


The Womb Mystery School


A 3.5 Month Deep Dive into Embodied Feminine Alchemy


This offering is a combination of all the things that have brought me back to my Self.


That has allowed me remember the exquisite beauty and magick of life.


That has awakened my body to the erotic ecstasy and pulse of creation.


After months of this gestating in the womb, I am so excited for it to be shared...


Come descend deep down into the dark & lush soil of the Womb


To dive into the depths of your Self


To see all the fragmented pieces that are ready to be loved, forgiven and embraced once again


To retrieve your soul essence


To come alive


To open your heart


To taste the exquisiteness of pure ecstasy


And breathe in the remembrance of your original innocence


The Womb is a spiral journey


There is always more to the mystery that lives within.


We begin November 18th


Enrollment is now open


Weekly Live Transmissions on Zoom Video.

Every Monday from 6-8pm PST

An abundance of Course Materials: Weekly practices, Meditations, Documents, Videos + more

A private Facebook Temple for us to support, share and be witnessed by one another

Extra Yummy Bonuses throughout including podcasts and more


Anchor 2

Temple doors open November 18th and

close February 14th.


Weekly Live Transmissions through Zoom Video.

Course Materials, Daily practices, Meditations + so much more

$999 for 3.5 Months

$100 off if you pay in full

$250 Deposit to hold your space

Monthly payment plans welcome and available 

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