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Womb clearing ceremony

AUGUST 26th 2022 

4pm Eastern
1pm Pacific
10Am Hawaii

Replay will be available if you can not attend live

The Womb is the Holy of Holies ~ The mystery of all mystery schools.

It contains the deepest mysteries and magic of existence.

It is our center of radiance, love, connection, support and inner power and is our deepest and most direct connection to the Divine.

The Ancients honored the womb as the seat of intuition and primordial power. They lived in accordance with the creative cycles of life, death and rebirth.

After centuries of our womb wisdom being undermined it’s not surprising that many of us have blockages in our womb. Ancestral trauma, inter-generational patterns, wounds, sexual abuse, developmental trauma & patriarchal conditioning has taken place for thousands of years. These experiences shut down our wombs and disconnects us to our innate wisdom and power.

This resulted in generations of women repressing their wild feminine, their sensual-sexual power as well as their truth of wisdom and knowledge.

In today’s society there are plenty of women suffering from different dis-eases related to their reproductive systems, fybroids, cysts, PCOS, PMDD, Candida, endometriosis, cervical cancer + more.. which is a result of being disconnected to their primordial Shakti life force energy.

Your body is the feminine temple of all memories that have ever existed. She is the keeper of Truth and the inner akashic records.

The Womb is the gateway to God and the Womb’s voice comes from the direct flow of Source. Emotional and sexual blocks, past traumas, and suppressed feelings can block the connection to the voice of your womb and prevent you from embodying ecstatic/orgasmic states of Consciousness.

These clearing practices help you to re-connect to your Womb Voice which is one of the most powerful forces of creation.





















Womb Clearing supports:

· Clear trauma and emotional blocks
· Have stronger Boundaries
· Know your clear YES or NO
· Connects you deeper to your body
· Allows you to be more discerning with who you choose to share your sexual energy with
· Connects you to your creativity
· Opens you to your Divine Feminine essence
· Creates more sovereignty
· Clears any leaks so you become stronger and in your power
· Opens you to the felt sense experience of joy and happiness

**It is important to note that even if you are in a relationship it is still vital to do womb clearing frequently.
This allows any old and stagnant energy to move to create space for new energy and growth to emerge.**

Also this is an amazing practice to do before you give birth or are wanting to conceive ♥

Why have the Yoni & Womb gates closed down?

The Yoni & Womb closes her energetic gateway and sensitivity when she is not approached with the highest reverence; and instead of embodying open and softly sensual energy she closes down into chronic tension and numbness.

The Yoni closes down, tenses and armors herself for protection when:

· You have been raped, sexually abused or violated
· You have had a miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion
· You have been entered by someone influenced by alcohol or drugs
· You have had sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs
· You have been entered without true love and tenderness
· You have been criticized, judged or shamed for your sexuality
· You have been criticized or shamed for your pleasure responses
· You have been criticized for your Yoni’s appearance
· You have agreed to have sex when you weren’t ready or aroused
· You have agreed to have sex when you didn’t truly want to
· There was deception or manipulation in a sexual encounter
· You have judged or shamed your own Yoni and physical body
· You have disconnected from your Yoni’s primal desires
· You have masturbated using violent or abusive fantasies
· You have used vibrators or other mechanical devices
· You have used tampons or other inserts
· You have had the coil or IUD’s fitted
· You have had medical examinations or procedures
· You have past life memories of being abused or persecuted
· You have Ancestral/epigenetic memories of sexual abuse
· You have experienced psychic/energetic sexual violation or attack

The ceremony will be a 2.5 hour deep dive using the elements of fire (masculine, releasing) & water (feminine, replenishing).

We will go through a fire ritual and release any cords, hooks, attachments or negative energies that are keeping you from your womb sovereignty and give it all back to the fire of transmutation and then we will close the ceremony with a beautiful womb water bowl ritual to replenish and restore the womb lining.

The ceremony is powerful yet gentle. There is no intense cord cuttings or pressure to go past your edge of tolerance. It is my goal to make sure you feel as held and safe as possible as we dive into the shadows and reclaim our s*xual sovereignty.

If you’re Womb is saying YES.. register below:

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Womb Clearing Ceremony

Sliding scale honor system $77-$144

Discounts available for single mama's, bipoc and not able bodied beings. Send me a DM.

Level 1: $77

 For those who are low income, no savings.

Level 2: $111

For those who are low to mid income, with some money in savings.

Level 3: $144

For those who are mid to high income/stably employed and financial ease.

Choose your price anywhere between $77-$144

and register below:


I am so looking forward to being with you!

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